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New Theme: "Human action" sandals.
This series was inspired from books "Quick Lessons on Simplified Drawing" (1812) and "Hokusai Manga" (1814- 1878) written by Katsushika Hokusai who was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker of the Edo period.

Profile of Tetsuya Uenobe

I am a Japanese handmade shoe-maker for male and female. My works consist of wearable art and casual shoes' designs. My idea of design is 'I offer you wearable art', which creates shoes with topics that make people smile. I use only hand-tools except a sewing machine for the upper part of the shoe. I learnt shoe making and design in London. A great bespoke last (wooden shoe-form)-maker had accepted my request to want to learn from him and I learnt about shoes at his workshop for 2 years and obtained valuable knowledge. I simultaneously graduated from Cordwainers at London College of Fashion in London in 2001. I have been producing footwear as a wearable art in Japan since 2003.

My wearable arts had been made for the eye catcher of my booth at a trade show in Japan at the beginning. Now the wearable art line has been getting more important. I displayed my wearable arts in an exhibition "Made by hand - Hanae Mori and young artists -", which famous Japanese couturier Mrs. Hanae Mori had selected exhibitors, at Contemporary Art Museum "Art Tower Mito" in Japan in 2009.

I launched new series "Silhouette line" at MICAM SHOEVENT 2011. This series comes from my simple question that I wondered why men's shoes do not have any particular meaning on those patterns. Men's shoes consist of a few parts which do not have particular descriptive meaning. When people glance at my new series of "silhouette", it seems to be usual shoes but some of them will recognize that there are animals on it.

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