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Assocalzaturifici is the national association representing  industrial shoemakers in Italy. It has about 500 member companies and represents the excellence of Italian footwear. The footwear sector as a whole employs over 72,000 people and exports 85% of its production, with an annual turnover of 14.5 billion euros (2022 data).

Assocalzaturifici is a member of the 
European Confederation of the Footwear Industry and an active member of Confindustria.

It pursues its Mission by participating in the development of Italian society, contributing to the rise of an innovative, international, sustainable business model capable of promoting economic, social, civil and cultural growth and development in Italy. The association is active in a number of arenas at the national and international levels, supplying strategic and innovative Services.

Assocalzaturifici is a member of Confindustria Moda, a federation bringing together textiles, fashion and accessories companies to act as ambassadors of the excellence of Italian manufacturing industry, reinforcing the specific mission of each of its member associations by offering cross-cutting services such as legal consultancy, management of industrial relations and a study office, with a focus on issues of specific interest such as prevention of copyright infringement, distribution, and trade union relations.

Assocalzaturifici's history

The Association’s steps through the presidential terms

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Italian footwear sector

In 2022 Italy confirmed itself as by far the leading footwear producer in the European Union (with 161.9 million pairs produced, approximately 1/3 of the total).

Holds twelfth place amongst world-wide footwear manufacturing countries in volume terms.

It is the eighth exporting country in the world in volume, but the third in terms of value behind China and Vietnam.  [2022 data, WorldFootwearYearbook 2023 edition].

Italy has always been the undisputed leader among manufacturers of luxury and high level shoes having a high fashion content.

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European Footwear Confederation

C.E.C. – European Footwear Confederation – is the organization that officially represents the footwear industry in the European Union, promoting its interests and values.
A sector with 19,856 companies, 260 thousand direct employees and a turnover of 27.55 billion euros (2018 data).

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