How sustainable is your company?

Want to be more socially responsible and boost your company’s reputation?

We can help you turn your sustainability aspirations into actions aimed at achieving concrete and measurable goals.

Assocalzaturifici’s VCS (Verified&Certified Steps) certification, owned by Assocalzaturifici and designed specifically for the footwear industry, is on your company’s side!

Easy-to-use tool

VCS is an easy-to-use software tool that measures your performance on social, environmental and governance issues.

Certified compass

VCS is a compass that shows you exactly how far you are from your goal: you can measure the distance between the actual situation and your targets, confirm the strategies that have proved effective and correct any negative trends.

A mark of trust

VCS is a trademark registered in Italy and Europe based on ISO 26000 guaranteeing a sustainable approach, manufacturing excellence and quality. A symbol recognised by buyers, peers and financial institutions.

Want to know more about the VCS mark?