Statute of Assocalzaturifici Italiani

Art. 1- Vision and Mission
Assocalzaturifici Italiani based in Milan is an Association of companies operating in the footwear sector identified by the Ateco (C 52.20.) codes, assigned by Confindustria (General Confederation of Italian Industry) to the organizational and representative competence of the Association.

Assocalzaturifici is a full member of Confindustria, as provided under article 4 of the Confederation’s Statute, and with all consequent rights and obligations. The logo and other distinctive signs of the Confindustria network are adopted in the manner laid down in its regulations.


It participates, together with Confindustria and its other Associates […].


Art. 2 – Institutional activities
As part of the institutional activities referred to in article 2 of Confindustria’s statute, and in connection with its mission, Assocalzaturifici pursues the following purposes: 1. representation, protection and assistance on a political-economic, trade union, legal and tax level in the interest of the Italian footwear industry, at both national and international level 2. modernization and simplification of the industrial relations system, also as a lever to boost the sector’s competitiveness 3. stipulation of the collective labor agreement and collaboration with companies and other members of the confederal network in interpreting and applying same and, in strict accordance with levels of expertise, in resolving disputes   4. promotion of an entrepreneurial and market culture, with particular attention to policies regarding the growth and development of the sector 5. support for the internationalization and realization of trade fairs and promotional events in Italy and abroad 6. information, consultancy and assistance in all thematic areas of general and sectoral interest, including through specific services in conjunction with entities both within and outside the system 7. ensuring that the everyday life of the association runs smoothly and that these Articles of Association are properly complied with; ensuring adherence to the values, general framework and organizational principles of the confederal system 8. organization and participation in research, publications, studies, debates and conferences on topics of general or sectoral interest.


Subsequent to a resolution of the General Council, Assocalzaturifici has the right to carry out any further action or activity [..].



Art. 3 – Scope of representation and membership categories

With reference to the sectors that fall within Assocalzaturifici’s organisational and representative scope, Italian footwear manufacturing companies with a complex corporate structure and a registered office in Italy may join the Association as full members, as well as companies that have a registered office elsewhere but have their production plants in Italy. [..].